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Simple is better.

Good for your health.

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Our Mission

We bring premium, pasture-raised beef, pork, and lamb to the tables of the Upper Cumberland at great prices.


We are a meat wholesaler. This means we purchase our animals directly from our hand selected local farmer partners, who meet our rigorous standards of quality. We oversee the processing and packaging of the meat at a local USDA-inspected facility, and then we sell directly to you, the consumer. Simple Beef Company connects the farm directly to your table.


Truly Fresh and Delicious

By cutting out the traditional grocery store middle-man, we can offer premium, high quality meat products at a competitive price. It also means that our meat is truly fresh, going from the farm to your table in much less time than the meat at the grocery store. Who knows how long the products in a grocery store have been sitting there, losing flavor and nutrients?


Simple Beef Company is a win-win for everyone in the Upper Cumberland. Customers get premium, naturally raised meat at prices comparable to what they'd pay for commercially-raised meat at the grocery store. It's also great for our farmers and the local economy.  Since we handle all the marketing, customer service, and distribution of the meat once it's packaged, our farmers can concentrate on what they do best--nurturing their animals and their land. Customers also know they are supporting their community by buying their meat locally.

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Our Farmers

At Simple Beef Company, were we’re picky about our partnerships.


We believe that the first step in trusting your food is knowing your farmer. That's why we build lasting relationships with experienced and ethical local farmers who are committed to bringing premium-quality, pasture raised beef and other naturally-raised meats, to the tables of the Upper Cumberland.



Our farmers are passionate about carrying on the time-honored traditional farming methods that have sustained the people and the land of Tennessee for generations. They only use responsible methods of raising products that are good for you, good for the animals, good for the land, and good for the local economy. 


All our Black Angus cattle are raised on a thriving family farm located in the heart of Overton County where agricultural roots run deep. They’ve been nurturing their land and animals with care and commitment since 1945. They take pride in producing all-natural, pastured beef that is outstanding in taste and quality. The cattle are free to roam the green pastures, munching contentedly all day, every day,  just the way nature intended.



Our pork farmer has been ranching and farming in the beautiful hills of Tennessee for over 35 years. His happy Berkshire Cross hogs forage at their leisure in the sunshine and fresh air, with plenty of lush green pasture in which to roam. It’s truly “hog heaven” down on this farm.  The hogs are never confined in cages or indoors, wallowing in their own waste like commercial farming operations. He takes seriously his responsibility to produce the highest-quality, naturally-raised pork available in the Upper Cumberland.


Our lamb farmer is located near the Cookeville area. His sheep graze happily in a wide-open green pasture with plenty of room to frolic in the sun and fresh air. They are happy and healthy, eating and doing the things that sheep were made to do.

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Our Naturally-Raised Meats

We make it simple to trust your food.

None of the Bad

All our meats are produced without growth hormones, routine antibiotics, steroids, or sub-standard feed. They are never confined indoors for long periods of time. They are never over-crowded into tiny, unnatural places They are never forced to eat cheap, sub-standard feed that may be contaminated, or lacking in nutrients.


All of the Good

A Simple Beef animal is raised exactly the way nature intended. They eat what nature provides. Our animals roam freely, contentedly enjoying all the blue skies, sunshine, fresh air, clean water, and lush pasture Tennessee's Upper Cumberland has to offer.


Perfect Timing

We make sure our animals are processed at the peak of maturity, never too young or too old. This ensures the meat is tender and flavorful.


Safe and Humane

When ready for market, all our animals are processed humanely at a local USDA-inspected facility so you can be sure the meat is safe and clean, as well as delicious and wholesome. 

Fresh and Local

Our meat never sits around in a warehouse or store somewhere waiting to be purchased but is guaranteed to be fresh from the farm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "naturally-raised?"

With all the hype surrounding "natural" food these days, what does "naturally-raised" even mean? We can't guarantee how other companies define "natural," but for us the answer is simple. It means animals are raised the way nature intended, the way they've been raised traditionally for hundreds and hundreds of years. They are free to roam at leisure in the pasture, eating the things that cows, pigs, and sheep naturally eat. They have access to clean, uncontaminated water at all times. They are never given artificial hormones, steroids, or routine antibiotics. Their pasture land is never sprayed with chemical fertilizers or weed killer. They have plenty of room to graze and are never forced to eat nothing but unnatural, processed commercial feed.

Is your beef "grass-fed"?

Yes! Once the baby calves are weaned from their mothers, they eat all the grass, clover, and natural plants they want while they wander around in the pasture. For the majority of their lives, grass (or hay) is their main food. Did you know there's no legal, USDA-standard definition of exactly what "grass-fed" means? Savvy consumers need to ask questions to determine exactly how long the steer ate grass and what else (besides grass) it was fed. Our beef is absolutely "grass-fed," but it's not technically "100% grass fed." Our cows are grass-fed and have access to natural pasture their whole lives, but they are "grain-finished" to improve the flavor and texture of the meat. Our steers are supplemented with non-GMO grain (in addition to their natural pasture forage and hay) for the last few weeks before they are butchered. This is what adds the rich "marbeling" that makes our beef taste so delicious. Some people find that one-hundred percent grass-fed beef tends can be tough, dry, and disappointing in the flavor department (some say it tastes "gamey") because it is too lean. At the end of their growth, our cattle get fed a non-GMO blend of grain to add fat (moisture and flavor) to the meat. At Simple Beef Co, we believe your beef shouldn't taste like you're eating grass too, right?

Where are your farms located?

At Simple Beef Company, we don't actually own any farms. Rather, we partner with carefully selected Upper Cumberland farmers. We buy livestock directly from them, arrange to have it butchered and packaged at a local USDA-inspected processing facility, and then sell the fresh cuts of meat directly to you.

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