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Morgan Johnson, owner


The Story of Simple Beef

Hi there! My name is Morgan Bailey Johnson. I’m a Cookeville native and lover of all things nature.


It All Started When...

My interest in delicious, all-natural food began several years ago during a very run-of-the-mill moment in the kitchen. I looked at a head of garlic and for the very first time really noticed how complex it was, with all of its intricate cloves. 


I thought to myself, “Wow, this thing grew on its own into this neat little bulb! How does nature do that?” I was fascinated.


That’s where my love for agriculture sprouted. (No pun intended!) 


The Road to Simple Beef Co.

With this new-found interest, I began raising a garden and experimenting in the kitchen. Then I decided to pursue a degree in Farm and Ranch Management/AgriBusiness from the University of Tennessee at Martin.  With the loving support of my husband, two sweet pups, and our 3-legged kitty, I then also decided to pursue my master’s degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

In early 2020, I started as an intern with Simple Beef Company, which was then owned by Leslie Thompson, the original founder. The opportunity came to purchase the company, and I took it.


Everything fell into place just like it had been planned. I love having a business that is relevant to my field of study. It’s a perfect way to put my passion for plants and animals to good use.


My Passion

I love my community and am thrilled to serve the Upper Cumberland by bringing local, pasture-raised beef and other premium meats to its residents.

With today’s modern production methods, it’s hard to trust commercially-raised food. Consumers ought to be concerned about what we put into our bodies. We should know the history of what is on our fork, if at all possible. This is why Simple Beef Co. delivers farm-to-table peace-of-mind.

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