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Hi there! My name is Morgan Johnson(Bailey)- a Cookeville native and lover of all things nature. I can’t say that I’ve been a crazy plant and animal lady my whole life because that would be a lie. Honestly, my interest began in the kitchen, about 4-5 years ago when I looked at a head of garlic and noticed how complex it was with all of its cloves. I thought to myself, “Wow, this thing grew on its own into this neat little bulb!” and that is where my love for agriculture sprouted (no pun intended!). I then began gardening and decided to pursue a degree in Farm and Ranch Management/AgriBusiness from the University of Tennessee at Martin and will graduate this coming Fall! I intend to then move forward and pursue my master’s degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources, all with the loving support of my husband, two sweet pups and our 3-legged kitty! 

Simple Beef Co. almost fell into my lap for lack of better words. We actually purchased a home from a local realty firm and that is how I met Leslie Thompson, the previous owner and founder of Simple Beef Co. I began interning with her at the beginning of 2020 and the rest of the story fell into place almost as if it had been planned. I had been hoping to find a career that was more closely related to my field of study, so this was more than perfect. I love my community and can not wait to serve it, by bringing local pasture-raised beef to the Upper Cumberland’s citizens.

My hope for Simple Beef is that we grow into an organization that provides quality beef to anyone and everyone who wants that farm-to-table experience. I would also like to see Simple Beef add other meats to it’s repertoire -  including pork and maybe even poultry one day! I envision a “one stop, meat shop” for our customers. One call, email, website inquiry or text message could get them their locally raised products, with no hassle or worry about where their food has come from. I believe that in today’s world, peace of mind is very important and we should be concerned about what we put into our bodies and should know the origin of our products if at all possible.

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